Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trying something new!

Hi! Have you ever tried something that you thought would be sooo easy and found out it was very hard? Well that's what I did recently. If I haven't mentioned it before I'm in this wonderful ebay group, the Olde Primitive Sisters Group and we recently had a challenge to make something ugly. Now I thought that should be very easy, how hard can ugly be? Well, I found out I can't do ugly! I did a teddy bear out of terry cloth, grunged it and sewed it and ended up with something that looks like an alien bear! LOL You can see my alien bear below. We are going to vote for the ugliest doll but boy is that going to be hard because everyone did such a great job! If you would like to see for yourself, Sunday some if not all are going to be listed on ebay just put in OPSG UX (the UX is for ugly extremes lol).

I must go for now, my grandson is here for the weekend and has been on the other computer playing cartoon games for awhile and it is time to go outside and get some sunshine. You all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check me out on etsy and my primitive sisters shop! Thanks!


Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

Great post Diane! Your ugly is really very cute for sure! Some people just don't have ugly in them, and you are one of them!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Diane!

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy 4th of July week!!


Grama's Gourds and Primitives : Linda Akin said...

I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for a Primitive Excellence award stop by my blog and pick it up. Hope all is well.