Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back again!

Hi All!

Oh my it has been sooo long since I have wrote anything new! Nothing major has happened but life just always seems to be busy.

Lately I've gotten interested in making little bears. I just love how this little sweetie turned out! He is only about 5 inches when standing. This little guy was sent to Mindy, one of my friends in the OPSG group on ebay and she sent me a wonderful quilted table runner! Now I am making a very mini bear he is only about 3 inches! I post a picture once he is finished. Well, I must run but I'll be back soon so please come back and visit again! Blessing to you!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trying something new!

Hi! Have you ever tried something that you thought would be sooo easy and found out it was very hard? Well that's what I did recently. If I haven't mentioned it before I'm in this wonderful ebay group, the Olde Primitive Sisters Group and we recently had a challenge to make something ugly. Now I thought that should be very easy, how hard can ugly be? Well, I found out I can't do ugly! I did a teddy bear out of terry cloth, grunged it and sewed it and ended up with something that looks like an alien bear! LOL You can see my alien bear below. We are going to vote for the ugliest doll but boy is that going to be hard because everyone did such a great job! If you would like to see for yourself, Sunday some if not all are going to be listed on ebay just put in OPSG UX (the UX is for ugly extremes lol).

I must go for now, my grandson is here for the weekend and has been on the other computer playing cartoon games for awhile and it is time to go outside and get some sunshine. You all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check me out on etsy and my primitive sisters shop! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finally back to work....

Well I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write a little bit! I've been pretty busy working with my 2 sisters on a surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party for our parents. We have a brother but he lives out-of-state so all he contributed was his money! : ) It was this past Sat. the 5th at my house, boy did we have a house full! As it turned out my mother spoke to a friend about their 50th coming up and the friend said "yes, I got an invitation!" and another friend asked my mother for directions to my house!! Needless to say my parents knew something was planned but not to what extent so they were still surprised and everyone had a great time.

I have fallen behind in my crafting with planning the party. I am now working on 2 Annies and hope to get them finished and listed somewhere by this weekend. I'm very pleased with them so far, they are soooo cute with their little pinafores! As soon as they are finished I'll post a picture so keep checking back!

Before I close I want to mention my Old Primitive Sisters Group "sisters," they are the best! They have inspired me to step outside my comfort zone in many ways, one being this blog. I want to thank Bebe for designing the template for my blog and store. Please check out her site at Also make sure you check out our new marketplace at! There is so much talent within this group and this is where you can go to see all their wonderful items. Make this the first place you go when you need a "special" gift, you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to look for me, PrimsNmore there!

God Bless!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I have been told "get a blog - you need a blog" okay, now that I have a blog what do I do with it?? I want it to be a relaxing, friendly place like sitting on my shady front porch sipping a cool glass of lemonade and just chit-chatting on a hot, lazy summer day. I will tell you a little bit about me, my interests and my family - especially my only grandchild, oh I'm so proud of him! You will also find out what is happening with my business PrimsNmore, new items in the making, finished items and where you can find them. Look for Primitive, Country, and Whimsical dollies, quilted table runners, and so much more to come. I really like Christmas and Halloween so don't be surprised to see those things popping up year round! Oh, and don't forget about "special sales" you will be the first to hear about them here! My goal is to keep you informed about what's going on with me and PrimsNmore and to bring a little sunshine into your day so please come back, pull up a rocker, have some lemonade and sit for a spell! Thanks!